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  • .""Some of them liked stories more than I ex▓pected the

    d incomprehensible. Literature reminds us that behi▓nd walls of politics and ideology there continue to be ordinary people, flir▓ting with each other, dealing with the deaths of their parents, stealing bicycles, ca

    tching a cold, competing for recognition, or worrying that they look too old ▓when they see themselves in the mirror," he said."We can relate to these th

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    ings, and the power of this ability to relate is multiplied when it crosses linguistic and cultural barriers. Whe▓n you can see this commonality, you ar▓e less likely to dehumanize someone ▓from another culture with s

    tereotypes and prejudice, and th▓is could help diminish a lot of hatred ▓and violence," he said.In today's highly visual, digital culture, the challenge i

  • I thought that they would like," he said. "But I think th

    s "how to get liter▓ature in front of people," Laughlin said."We are all still reading. Our relationship with paper is chang▓ing...the amount of reading happening on screens is▓ surprisingly voluminous, including my o

    wn," he said. "So it's about us helping▓ it proliferate through social media, with


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t component to use in teaching about modern and contemporary Chinese literature.""Apart from learning th

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hashtags and through opinion influencers."Science fiction from China, which is highly literary, has a lot of mom▓entum in digit

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al culture, especially now that it is coming out in movie form such as The Wandering Earth, he noted.He said Liu Cixin's ficti

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onal worlds, such as the one in the Three Body Problem, point to the past history and culture, and invite readers to explore fur

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ther.Similarly, gamers may encounter The Three Kingdoms, a 1▓4th-century historical novel consider▓ed as one of the Four Great C

elings, and priorities

lassical Novels of Chi▓nese literature, in the form of a game, and it and other novels in the form of fan fi▓ction, he said."I

don't know how much fan fiction can▓ lead readers back to

characters or author

great original literary works, but we can explore the possibilities," he sai▓d. "The motivation or rationale to do so is to eng

age with the feelings of a Chinese historical subjectivity

iterature helps convince u

, and through it learn what matters to people in Chinese society rather than simpl▓y have it explained."Please scan the QR Co

d▓e to follow us on InstagramPlease s▓can the QR Code to f

n▓ humanity," he

ollow us on WechatIsrael's ▓attorney general officially announced on Thursday that he has decided to indict▓ Prime Minister Be

njamin Netanyahu on corruption charges after months of spe

corruption charges after months of speculation.The announcement c▓omes as

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